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Mazda unveils the Koeru concept in Frankfurt

Mazda unveils the Koeru concept in Frankfurt

The Mazda Koeru concept: a futuristic style

The Frankfurt Auto Show got underway last week, and like every other biannual edition, there were a ton of surprises and a host of spectacular vehicles. Take for example the Koeru, an SUV concept that Mazda unveiled, right in the middle of a flurry of eccentric future vehicles presented mostly by the German automakers who are prominently featured at the Frankfurt show. That didn’t stop the Koeru from getting noticed as well.

It’s impossible at the moment to know what the Koeru will become. It may simply fall by the wayside like so many other concept vehicles from every automaker. It may however be a design study with visual elements that will one day make their way to Mazda production vehicles. It’s important to note that concept vehicles are quite frequent in the automotive industry. Every automaker has them, and every automaker likes to show them off. The Koeru is just one of many, but one that certainly stood out.

Mazda is very well-known for its SUVs. The brand currently has three of them, and they are all doing quite well in their respective segments. Take for example the all-new  Mazda CX-3, a sporty yet elegant subcompact utility that offers SKYACTIV efficiency and performance, great handling, and quite a bit of space in an easy-to-use-in-the-city package. Mazda has also done very well with the CX-5, its compact sport utility vehicle that also features a host of SKYACTIV technologies. And then there is the Mazda CX-9 which offers plenty of interior space, refinement and luxury at an affordable price.

The Koeru concept: The future of SUV for Mazda

Many believe the Koeru might be the next SUV to join Mazda’s extensive lineup. If that happens to be true, we expect it would slot between the CX-5 and CX-9. It would probably be called the CX-7 (that would be very cool) and thus bring back Mazda’s midsize five-passenger SUV that thrilled owners with its dynamic handling, turbocharged engine, and modern looks. This CX-7 would of course showcase KODO design and SKYACTIV technologies, and there is no question it would be a hit with buyers. Mazda doesn’t necessarily need another sport utility vehicle, but we are sure some buyers would love an option between the CX-5 and CX-9.

We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, contact us today at Atlantic Mazda to learn more about our exciting lineup of fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive sport utility vehicles!

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