Better Car and a Better Deal Than Expected

Better Car and a Better Deal Than Expected

I walked out with a better car, and a better deal than I expected! The service at Mazda was friendly and helpful, but not pushy. I felt comfortable every step of the way.

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It Was Fast, Simple & Worth The Drive!, Atlantic Mazda

It Was Fast, Simple & Worth The Drive!

This is our first brand new car. We purchased our first vehicle back in 2012 and had to come back. He was just as excited for us as we were. I would not want to deal with any other rep. It was fast, simple and worth the drive!


I was looking to buy my first new car and Mazda was by far the most impressive.

Great service and amazing product! They were quick to answer any questions with honesty.

I really appreciated everything they did for me. 


Our sales consultat was very knowledgeable about all of the vehicles that we came in to look at.

His professionalism and friendleness mode for a very enjoyable car shopping experience. We would definitely recommend that dealership to anyone we know who is looking to buy a new vehicle. 

Very welcoming

Ron was very welcoming and helpful when it came to the purchase of my first vehicle.

Always keeping me in the loop with what was happening.

I very much so felt like my opinion and needs in a vehicle mattered. 

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