Mazda I-Activesense: technology that makes you safer behind the wheel

October 31 2016,

Mazda I-Activesense: technology that makes you safer behind the wheel

While Mazda has always heavily on design with its Kodo philosophy, and driving pleasure with its range of vehicles that are often considered the most fun to drive in their respective segments, the Japanese automaker did not neglect safety. You want proof? Just look at Mazda’s I-Activesense suite of active safety technologies.

Specifically, I-Activesense includes a range of active safety systems designed to warn the driver of a potential danger, and prevent accidents should the driver not react.

Safety comes first with Mazda’s I-Activesense

Let’s start with the headlights. On the one hand, adaptive lighting can direct the headlights in the same direction as your steering wheel, up to 15 degrees, improving visibility on a twisty road at night. But these same headlights also feature an automatic low beam system. In simple terms, you no longer need to switch between the high beams and the low beams yourself, since the car does it for you.

I-Activesense also has a blind spot detector that can detect a vehicle next to you even if you cannot see it. This visual warning device mounted in the rearview mirror makes driving in the city or on the highway a breeze.

Many driver assistance systems come with I-Activesense

Along with the two features stated above, we have a host of active safety systems as well. Examples include lane departure warning which warns the driver if he or she is about to cross into the next lane without intending to do so.

The Intelligent Cruise Control system uses radars to scan the road ahead and detect vehicles that are getting closer. It will then adjust its speed to keep a safe distance, even without any intervention from the driver.

Pushing safety even further is the intelligent brake assist system that can apply the brakes if a vehicle suddenly stops in front of you in the city. Before doing so, however, it will notify the driver of the potential danger by emitting an audible warning.

Finally, a rear cross traffic alert system can avoid a collision when backing out of a driveway or a parking spot in a crowded parking lot by warning the driver if a vehicle is approaching to his left or his right.

Mazda’s I-Activesense is a sophisticated and complex system, but it has only one purpose: to ensure your safety.

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