How Mazda Keeps Your Family Safe On The Road

Your cargo is precious. That’s why Mazda thrives on making your journey from point A to point B as safe as possible.

We’ve implemented several features into our Mazda vehicles to make your travels as safe as they can be, going as far as earning us Top Safety Pick for 2019.

Here are just some of the reasons why Mazda vehicles are some of the safest:

SKYACTIV Technology

Through groundbreaking innovation, Mazda Canada brings SKYACTIV technology to their vehicles, improving performance in more than just one aspect.

Fuel Economy

Although the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 litre engine produces more torque, it manages to have low fuel consumption and emissions than our previous engine.

Our 2.5 litre engine has a higher compression ratio for increased fuel economy – easily surpassing other conventional gasoline engines.

The 6-hole direct fuel injector also keeps the fuel cooler to improve combustion.

The Engine

The SKYACTIV-G engine is the world’s first mass produced gasoline engine to reach a 13:1 compression ratio thanks to its dome-shaped pistons. In turn, you get more energy from fuel, improved fuel efficiency, and increased torque.

The Transmission

Smooth shifting, steady acceleration, and precise responsiveness can all be expected from the SKYACTIV-Drive transmission.

It takes the speed of the driver’s pedal input into account – if the driver presses slowly, the transmission doesn’t shift until the driver used all the available torque.

Conversely, when the driver presses the gas pedal quickly, the transmission shifts down sooner for more torque faster.

Body and Chassis

Mazda vehicles’ improved body rigidity through smarter engineering also results in better handling for the driver by shedding some of the weight.

As the first auto manufacturers to use ultra-high-tensile steel in the body, we’ve increased crash safety performance and fuel economy without compromising the vehicle’s sturdiness.

i-ACTIV All Wheel Drive
The i-ACTIV All Wheel Drive is as innovative as it is intuitive. By sensing driver intent, monitoring road conditions, and 200-times-per-second front and rear wheel split calculations, the i-ACTIV All Wheel Drive is designed to send just enough torque to the rear wheels to prevent slipping.

All this while never compromising fuel efficiency.


Blind spot monitoring, adaptive front lighting system, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning system, high beam control, smart city brake control, radar cruise control, and forward obstruction warning are all part of the cutting-edge i-ACTIVSENSE features on our new Mazda vehicles.

No matter what may come your way, know that Mazda has you covered for a seamless and secure drive.


Perhaps one of our more unique features, i-ELOOP is a regenerative braking system that created electricity from wasted energy when you slow down. It uses a capacitor to store energy to help power electrical features in the car, ultimately leading to improved fuel economy.

KODO Design

KODO stands for “soul of motion”, and that’s exactly what Mazda set out to emulate in their vehicle designs.

Like wind or water, KODO expresses power, beauty, and perpetual motion.

Our KODO interior design focuses on ergonomics and creates ultimate athletic space. The vehicle cockpit also heightens the senses through meticulous craftsmanship and quality materials. By enhancing its aesthetics, it also enhances its acoustics.

What’s Your Must-Have Safety Feature?

Not only do Mazda’s safety features increase protection, it also never compromises fuel economy, craftsmanship, and overall vehicle quality.

So you can expect nothing but the best when you get behind the wheel of a new Mazda vehicle.

See for yourself and book a test drive today.