The Tokyo Motor Show is always overflowing with impressive concepts that each two years set the bar ever so higher in regards to design, performance, efficiency, and more. When it comes to Mazda, the Japanese manufacturer stole the show in 2015 with its RX Vision concept which was powered by a rotary engine. This year, Mazda is at it again with two concepts that suggest the future is bright for the manufacturer both in terms of engines and design.

Mazda Coupe Vision

Let’s start with what was certainly one of the most impressive concepts of the Tokyo Motor Show, the Mazda Coupe Vision. Featuring a design inspired by the new generation of Mazda’s KODO design philosophy, dubbed KODO 2.0, the Mazda Coupe Vision is spectacular from every angle.

This long and sleek sedan could theoretically serve as inspiration for the next Mazda6. Mazda did not offer a lot of details about its concept, however, so we have to make some assumptions. The presence of four tailpipes at the rear of the car confirms that the Coupe Vision is powered by a gasoline engine which could even be the next generation of Mazda’s famed rotary engine.

Mazda has already announced several times its intention to revive the rotary engine, especially in a sports car. If the Vision Coupe were to be produced, it would be the ideal model.

Mazda Kai

While the style of the Mazda Coupe Vision lends itself better to a mid-size or full-size car, the Mazda Kai concept also unveiled in Tokyo looks much more like a compact car. For many, this is the next generation of the Mazda3 although the Japanese manufacturer refuses to comment. Like the Vision Coupe, every single line on the Mazda Kai is clean, elegant, and refined.

Mazda also talked in Tokyo about its new SKYACTIV-X engine. The latter uses unique technologies and a revolutionary design to develop more power while reducing consumption by up to 30%.

With the Mazda Kai and the Mazda Coupe Vision, the future is bright at Mazda. As we wait to see what these two prototypes will ultimately become, come see us today at Atlantic Mazda to discover the complete lineup of new Mazda vehicles!